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Tree Houses renting for a week-end or a week.

An unsual lodging calling to your child's dreams, the comfort tailored to your grown-up's expectations.

Sleep in a tree : for a special escape, just climb up a bit...

Bed and Breakfast in a Tree House (2 people)Cabane d'Hôtes dans les arbres - vue de face

To recollect your child's spirit, for a romantic escape, for a simple yet uncommon retreat, you can rent this special bed and breakfast in a treehouse. Or for an unusual holiday with family or friends, the self-catering cabin perched in the trees is an outstanding lodging. It renders the warm cosiness of wood, nestled in the surrounding greenery, altogether being spacious and open onto the beautiful landscape. The comfort of Château Gauthié tree houses make up the recipe for a natural getaway, while relishing enjoyable facilities. Discover South West France differently, closer to nature. Or offer this pleasure to your beloved, with the gift of an unusual stay in a picturesque environment. A special present for memorable moments...

Self-catering house in the trees (2 to 5 people)Maison perchée gite dans les arbres- vue de face

Two Tree Houses to spend nights in the trees.

Romantic bed and breakfast treehouse, for 2 persons

House in the trees rental, a self-contained wood cabin, for 2 to 5 persons

The decks of the treehouses don't yield view over one another, assuring you a true hideaway. The tree houses are built amid 20 acres of parkland surrounding the Perigord manor of Château Gauthié where we also welcome guests in bed and breakfast rooms. Plenty of space allows a peaceful stay to enjoy the superb woodland and garden grounds and take advantage of the facilities. Nature is not the least attraction of this part of South West France. The rest consist of the many popular Perigord gems : discover vineyards, castles like Biron, Monbazillac, Beynac, Castelnaud, Lanquais, villages molded in such pleasant architecture like Issigeac, Monpazier, Eymet, Monflanquin, Limeuil, spectacular caves like Proumeyssac, colorful markets, old town centers of Bergerac, Périgueux, Sarlat, art, craft or gastronomy. In this outstanding environment of green hilly countryside, a step away from the ravishing village Issigeac, we will take pleasure in sharing with you the happiness of this picturesque setting.

How Château Gauthié Tree Houses sprouted up

Who never dreamt of building one's high retreat?

Just a couple of meters above, and it's already different. As a child, you started with an old sheet arranged as a canopy on two chairs, your first hideaway, for yourself and for your treasures. Then outdoor, you searched, scanned the area, looked for the ideal spot : the fork of an apple tree (not too high then!), a hollow bush, a corner in the shed, depressions between gnarled roots of an old chestnut tree, a tree branch. "This is it ! I will base my treehouse camp here!..."

You therefore gathered the materials, bits and pieces found here and there : boards, posts, sticks, an old cover, a big piece of wood as a seat, an old umbrella, stones to mark the territory, strings to tigh up together these items, by hook or by crook. The building of your treehouse was never thoroughly finished, you always added something, improved, mended some accessory. It was the scene of many games, so many dreams, a perfect hideaway...

A persisting kid's dream

Many years after these moments of happiness, long after having accomplished other works, we replayed this scene. Oh, of course, the stage had changed, gained momentum, the project required more ample means. Stéphane had long matured the idea.

A spot, a tree, a constructor

Settling at Château Gauthié, we Florence and Stéphane had rejoined on the family estate Francette and Jacques, Stéphane's parents. Francette had at first opened her beautiful manor as a bed and breakfast, bringing her charming and refined style in the rooms as well as in the lovely garden. And we have since teamed up for the welcoming of guests at Château Gauthié.

Stéphane had then found in this green environment the perfet set. The satisfaction found in the bed and breakfast activity in the castle prompted an idea of continuation : the treehouse would be a lodging, a bedroom with bathroom.

Construction de la première cabane perchée -la charpente du toit Construction de la première cabane dans l'arbre : montage de l'escalier

Green of the woods and rolling hills, the park was a perfect spot where finding the right tree was easy. Though a confirmed handy-man, Stéphane had to find a carpenter, the dimension of the building requiring a higher technical know-how.

Scanning around for a carpenter, he met Rémi Bécherel by chance, who had been trained by the Compagnons du Tour de France, the top-quality apprenticeship organisation of construction professionals, famous for their best of practice and high technical skills. Rémi was just launching his own carpentry business in the South est of Dordogne. Rémi and Stéphane raised this first treehouse, the construction lasting a couple of month sliced up by several interruptions. That's how Rémi manufactured his first tree house, and Stéphane learnt a new occupation under the strict supervision of the master-carpenter !

Since then, Rémi Bécherel has created his business called Nid Perché ("perched nest") and has built other tree houses cabins : investing in tools, employing staff and installing a workshop, his production organisation has improved and professionalized.

Tree houses for kiddies, tree houses for grown-ups

This treehouse right in the heart of a magnificient oak tree is a haven of nature closeness and tranquility. We would retire there once in a while, lavishing in its ideal tranquility. For a romantic interlude, and that beats all for a tree house, away from the children ! A refuge for grown-ups !

So our children claimed for their treehouse. Stéphane built it, with the technical help of Rémi. This treehouse we won't dislay on this website, it's their kingdom, and only "live" can it be shared!...

But request from other parents to stay with their kids or for little group of friends wishing to spend a special week-end motivated Stéphane for another construction. For a while had he already spotted "a group of trees, which would be prefect for a great tree house, with wide opening, a large deck to sit and watch the birds..."Ther he was again ! And probably had found an excuse to saw, cut, lift timber, boards, work the wood...

This time, it was more than a tree house : a peched house, with larger volumes yet discretely hidden in the underwood. And a new opportunity to torture one's mind with how, which shape, which architectrue, which indoor arrangement ... Calling again for Nid Perché, the self-contained wood cabin in the trees was opened in July 2008 and has already made the days of hapy residents, enraptured by the spell of the place. As soon as the cabin was available, our family invested the place for a few days : for once, we could sleep in the trees, together with the kids. What a joy !

Terrasse de la grande cabane dans les arbres - vue sur le plan d'eau

It's your turn

One of the many pleasures of opening one's home to travelers as a bed and breakfast is the joy they express, the happiness they have during their time spent here. It's a real joy to share the charm of this place. Working hard on making it pleasurable , the satisfaction of guests is an immense reward.

It's your turn to come and spend an unusual week-end, to enjoy the quiet setting of a charming vacation in rural South West France : attractive Perigord offers so many tourist attractions for you to discover. But you can also spend the whole stay in the trees...

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